Direction of communication for EVA England

Automotive Comms has provided marketing, communication and PR support for the launch of Electric Vehicle Association (EVA) England, an organisation that aims to act as a voice for EV drivers in England. Automotive Comms developed the initial marketing strategy and directed the implementation of this, which included the design of a new brand, design style, website and members’ pack, and supply of imagery. Support was also provided with copywriting, editing and PR. EVA England was successfully launched in March 2021 and since then has been involved in projects such as the ‘Electric Road to COP26’.


Electric vehicle communication for local authorities

Direction of communication for the Go Ultra Low Nottingham ULEV Experience project. Automotive Comms directed the marketing and communication for Nottingham’s ULEV Experience, funded by Go Ultra Low Nottingham, as part of a consortium of partners including Cenex, the Energy Saving Trust and DriveElectric. The aim of the project was to increase the adoption of ultra-low emission vehicles (ULEVs) in Nottingham. The ULEV Experience offered awareness-raising events, fleet reviews and ULEV loans to businesses in Nottingham, in order to ensure that people gained the best advice and also experienced driving the latest electric vehicles.

Award-winning direction of communication for Electric Nation

Electric Nation was a project to trial a smart charging solution to help local electricity networks to cope with growing numbers of electric vehicles, with partners including Western Power Distribution, EA Technology and DriveElectric. Automotive Comms directed all communication for this three-year project, including elements such as strategy, website, written content, photography and videos, event support and PR. We subsequently supported the vehicle to grid phase of the project. The communication for the project won an Award for ‘Marketing Project of the Year’.




Green Car Guide, the UK’s original green car website

Automotive Comms founded, the original UK green car news site, in 2006. Automotive Comms’ director Paul Clarke edits Green Car Guide, writes about the latest developments in the electric vehicle industry, and has reviewed every electric car that has been on sale in the UK. This gives us unique experience and knowledge to support our communication consultancy work in the electric vehicle sector. We also have our own photo library of over 20,000 electric vehicle images.


Direction of communication for the Northern Automotive Alliance

Automotive Comms carries out a wide range of communication work for the Northern Automotive Alliance (NAA). This includes the writing and production of the NAA’s monthly e-newsletter, communication support for a wide range of NAA events such as the Annual Awards Dinner, and for other NAA projects such as STRIVE, an AMSCI-funded NAA/Bentley virtual reality design project.



Website, video and copywriting for the Advanced Propulsion Centre

Automotive Comms designed and developed the website for the £1 billion Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC), and produced the APC video. We were selected as the top provider, from many companies, after a tender process assessed by BIS. Both the website and the video had a very positive response from the wider automotive industry. Automotive Comms has also written content for the APC, using our experience of many years working in the field of low carbon vehicles.

Direction of communication for STRIVE, AMSCI-funded NAA/Bentley virtual reality design project

Automotive Comms carried out the communication for STRIVE, an AMSCI-funded NAA/Bentley virtual reality design project, including designing the identity, website, exhibition stands and production of a video.



Direction of communication for Sigmatex

Automotive Comms created a marketing strategy for Sigmatex, the world’s leading independent converter of carbon fibre, to help the global company achieve ambitious growth targets. We then implemented our recommendations with a range of marketing materials, including with the design and build of a new website, a 3D animated video, and new printed marketing materials – as well as copywriting, photography and PR. We also provided marketing support for the Sigmatex Lightweighting Excellence (LX) AMSCI project, which worked with three global car manufacturers to manufacture composite components in medium to high volumes at affordable costs.