Production of Electric Car Guide animation for the Energy Saving Trust

Automotive Comms was commissioned by the Energy Saving Trust to produce an animated video communicating the benefits of electric vehicles in an engaging way.


Production of ‘Which car is most efficient for you?’ animation for the Energy Saving Trust

We identified a need to communicate about which low emission vehicle is best for different people with varying driving patterns. We proposed to the Energy Saving Trust that we should produce a second animation, further to the original Electric Car Guide animation above, to convey this information. This animation was produced, with Fully Charged’s Robert Llewellyn providing the voiceover.


Website, video and copywriting for the Advanced Propulsion Centre

Automotive Comms designed and developed the website for the £1 billion Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC), and produced the APC video. We were selected as the top provider, from many companies, after a tender process assessed by BIS. Both the website and the video had a very positive response from the wider automotive industry. Automotive Comms has also written content for the APC, using our experience of many years working in the field of low carbon vehicles.

Direction of communication for STRIVE, AMSCI-funded NAA/Bentley virtual reality design project

Automotive Comms carried out the communication for STRIVE, an AMSCI-funded NAA/Bentley virtual reality design project, including designing the identity, website, exhibition stands and production of a video.



Direction of communication for Sigmatex

Automotive Comms created a marketing strategy for Sigmatex, the world’s leading independent converter of carbon fibre, to help the global company achieve ambitious growth targets. We then implemented our recommendations with a range of marketing materials, including with the design and build of a new website, a 3D animated video, and new printed marketing materials – as well as copywriting, photography and PR. We also provided marketing support for the Sigmatex Lightweighting Excellence (LX) AMSCI project, which worked with three global car manufacturers to manufacture composite components in medium to high volumes at affordable costs.